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Compit Application
  • Within seconds, master any apartment, house, building or neighborhood
  • Successfully present, negotiate, win bids and handle client objections to secure more business
  • Communicate unparalleled insights unavailable elsewhere and shine in front of clients
  • Instantly source buy/sell opportunities
  • Dramatically save time by automating your daily activities
  • Design cost-effective targeted marketing campaigns through unique findings
  • Leverage Compit mobile to conduct business on-the-go

Simply Compit!

  • Automated Reports

    Generate striking property, building and neighborhood valuation and market analysis reports

  • Data-Driven Search

    Source the best properties for your buyers using unparalleled insights

  • Data Navigation

    Explore multiple value-driven categories, add or edit any property and gain an unmatched understanding of how characteristics affect value

Compit Mobile
  • Communication

    Receive real-time notifications on saved reports to stay ahead of the market and monitor trends

  • Listing Presentations

    Print branded reports featuring cutting-edge visuals for your sales presentations

  • Marketing

    Integrate elegant design, infographics, interactive maps and unique angles into your collateral materials